Published On: Tue, Mar 15th, 2016

Becoming elder sibling can lower risk of being obese

Two happy young kids playing at park

Two happy young kids playing at park

The researchers of a new research study have stated that becoming an elder brother or sister prior to pre-school days can lower a child’s peril of becoming fat. The researchers further continued by saying that kids who didn’t have a sibling are three times much probable to become fat by the first grade.

The birth of a sister or brother by the time when a kid reaches the first grade, or when the kid is 2-4-years-old, can facilitate the kid in maintaining a healthier body mass index (BMI). Julie Lumeng, who is a senior author of the research study and a pediatrician at University Of Michigan, stated that “Having younger siblings — compared with having older or no siblings, is associated with a lower risk of being overweight,”

Though, how the birth of a sister or brother can form peril of obesity during childhood is still vague.

Children can perhaps connect in much ‘active play’ or less inactive time in front of screens, when a younger sibling is born, added to healthier BMIs. In addition, parents can alter the way they feed their child when a new sibling is born, which can have an important impact on their BMI.

Childhood obesity rates carry on to be a huge reason for fear. If the birth of a sibling alters behaviors within a family in orders that guard in opposition to fatness, these may be patterns other families can attempt to make in their own homes. The author further recommended that “Better understanding the potential connection between a sibling and weight may help health providers and families create new strategies for helping children grow up healthy,”

The research study that involved 697 kids around the US is imminent in the journal Pediatrics.

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