Published On: Mon, Feb 15th, 2016

Beetroot juice is good for exercise endurance and blood pressure



Blood pressure is a common syndrome nowadays and everyone wants to get rid of it. A new research study has revealed that a dose of beetroot juice every day can considerably recover exercise stamina and blood pressure in elderly patients with the preserved ejection fraction (HfpEF) syndrome.

The study further told that the dose of beetroot juice each day can improve aerobic stamina by 24 percent, it considerably lessen blood pressure by 5-10 mmHg.

Dalane Kitzman, who is a professor at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in North Carolina, US, said that “These initial findings suggest that one week of daily beetroot juice could be a potential therapeutic option to improve aerobic endurance in patients with HfpEF, which has implications for improving everyday activities and quality of life,”

The researchers of the study further revealed that HfpEF, which is a leading form of heart failure, happening chiefly in older women echos how the left ventricle of the heart pumps with each beat.

The initial symptoms of HFPEF are shortness of breath and fatigue with normal amounts of exertion, partly because of non-cardiac factors that lessen oxygen delivery to active skeletal muscles.

The results are cited in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology-Heart Failure.

The researchers recruited 19 people in a double-blinded, randomized safety research study to conclude which was good at enhancing exercise intolerance, one dose or an everyday dose of the juice provided above multiple days.

Initially, aerobic stamina and blood pressure were calculated later than the participants got either an only dose of beetroot juice or a placebo.

They have then managed an everyday dose of beetroot juice to the entire 19 patients for a standard of seven days and calculated stamina and blood pressure again.

In the research study, the juice dose was equal to 2.4 ounces holding about 6 millimoles of inorganic nitrate.

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