Published On: Tue, Jun 14th, 2016

Being anti-establishment, playing a role of police


The veteran Ali Azmat is still Pakistan’s rockstar.

The singer revealed in an interview that how fatherhood has altered his “party animal” reflection.

The Janoon star disclosed his great bond with meastro Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and shared what it was like to grow up with him.

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He said that “Rahat is my really old friend. Our friendship dates back to the time when Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan sahab and his father Farrukh sahab were alive. They used to treat me like their own kid,”


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Ali continued by saying that “I also used to misbehave and be mischievous with Khan sahab. He was a very interesting character,”

He further added that “Rahat was for all the time scared, he used to say: ‘Yaar Yeh Baat Tum Ne Khan Saab Ko Keh Di’. Are you mad? It used to astonish him as he respected him a lot. He used to say just you can talk like that to my father.”

Ali and Rahat have sung a track for the Pakistani film Hijrat “Rahat was lost when both of them passed away as he had a responsibility of carrying forward the legacy of qawwali on his shoulders. And now he has become one of the biggest artists of Pakistan on his own. We still share that bond of friendship and love,”

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Ali revealed regarding his early life and told that “I was a little aggressive when I was growing up. I always carried a weapon with me and I’ve been a lot of incidents in Karachi where I actually used it.”

It was inquired about his feeling for playing a role of the establishment as he was for all the time against, in his imminent movie Two Plus Two, with the cast Urwa Hocane and Bilal Ashraf, “I am playing the role of a rebel police officer. He doesn’t wear his uniform and is also a little corrupt. But yes I have always been anti-establishment without even knowing what establishment is.”

It was inquired how life has changed the Jupiters front man to a father of two daughters. He replied “Of course I have changed a lot. Even the tissues don’t remain the same in your body after six-weeks so how can a person be the same,”


He further added “Our personality is shaped according to the experiences we have, so I believe I have changed a lot… When I came to Karachi for the first time, I had dreams of becoming a musician. From then till now, my journey that has been full of ups and downs, and has made me what I am today,”

It was asked about the major change in his life and he replied, “My size has changed. There was a time where I used to have a 29-inch waist.”

He continued that “I got married at the age of 41. My first child was born when I was 43. So, I believe fatherhood brings a major change in your life.”

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