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Bollywood stars and their take on one night stand


One night stand – thanks to the changing lifestyle, the term is familiar to almost everyone.

Physical intimacy, for ages, has been a subject of social stigma and inhibition. While some tend to give it a sacred colour by linking it with the ‘heavenly’ bond of marriage, some rather demand their own freedom of building up intimacy beyond barriers, for the sake of personal pleasure. Thus, some might agree or some might not; but almost everyone has an opinion about one night stands.

In this context, some of our beloved Bollywood stars came out pretty honestly and shared their own perceptions. Check out here!

Krushna Abhishek

Bollywood stars and their take on one night stand (3)

Krushna Abhishek confessed that his affair with Kashmira Shah started with nothing but a one night stand. “Actually, Kash was giving me hints from the beginning itself. There was this once when we were seated in the van and the lights went off and I said, ‘Ab kya kare?’ Now that is something anyone would have said in that circumstance, and very suggestively our lady here says, ‘Kyun, kuch kare?’ And this is how it all started,” he shared.

Emraan Hashmi

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Emraan Hashmi had said in an interview that his wife strongly disliked all the intimate scenes he had performed in his films. It was then that he confessed that he missed one night stands before marriage.

Sherlyn Chopra

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Sherlyn Chopra shared that her one night stand turned into a relationship. She said in an interview, “I was looking for relationships with no-strings-attached when my one night stand led to passionate love. I felt as though my world turned upside down. I got indulged in crazy and passionate love-making. Everything was perfect and we felt we were ready to take the relationship to the next level. But our love wasn’t that strong because he wanted a real commitment and I had to look out for a career in the showbiz industry, so we parted and chose our separate ways. The cowards and the impatient can enjoy one night stands as it takes a great deal of patience, unconditional love, trust, fearlessness and a deep sense of individuality to maintain relationships.”

Aditya Roy Kapur

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Aditya Roy Kapur is also absolutely fine with people getting involved in one night stands, although he himself hasn’t had any. “I haven’t somehow been able to let myself have a one night stand. But they happen all over the world. If an attractive woman is ready for it, no single guy really says no. There’s nothing wrong with having one night stands. It’s a personal choice,” he had said in an interview.

Sunny Leone

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At a promotional event of her latest release ‘One Night Stand’, Sunny Leone apparently made a very bold statement. “I have had a one night stand .Who hasn’t? If they tell you they haven’t, they are lying. But it was when I was single. I cannot have one now, and I will never have one in my life because I have what I always wanted: a husband that loves me very much,” a report quoted Sunny. Asked if she considers it morally right, she said it is for an individual to decide whether it is morally right or wrong, the report further stated.

Ranveer Singh

Bollywood stars and their take on one night stand

On Karan Johar’s popular chat show ‘Koffee With Karan’, Ranveer Singh had confessed that he has had his share of many one night stands in the past. However, he also said that he loves ‘being in a relationship’ now.

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