Published On: Sat, Aug 27th, 2016

Boost your low-end laptop, Macbook for high-end gaming and VR


Boost your low-end laptop, Macbook for high-end gaming and VR

A new device promises to boost your MacBook for gaming without a graphics card.

Though the best mid-range laptops and MacBook Pros out there today are fast, they still lack the punch for high-end gaming. The main reason behind the missing power of gaming performance is the lack of a proper GPU which helps accelerate complex and high-end games, including VR. Laptops sacrifice performance for portability. And since laptops cannot be upgraded with graphics cards, to help resolve this issue, a new device called Wolfe can give any laptop or MacBook a huge boost.

Wolfe is an external graphics accelerator for PCs and laptops. If you cannot upgrade your existing laptop or small form-factor computers with a graphics card, you can simply attach this external enclosure to give your computer a massive boost that can support high-end complex games and VR content.

The Wolfe is a small form factor unit and its mobile power supply allows you to take it wherever you go—hotel room, coffee shop, at home or at work.  The Wolfe is a desktop GPU that can plug into your laptop. A GPU is a computer chip that contains hundreds (or even thousands) of microprocessors, together capable of trillions of operations per second. This makes it makes far better than a standard computer chip (CPU) at things like gaming and 3D rendering.

The Wolfe contains an NVIDIA GTX 950 GPU – 768 cores operating at 1024MHz, for a peak compute power of 1.57 TeraFLOPS.

The Wolfe Pro runs on an NVIDIA GTX 970 GPU – 1664 cores operating at 1050MHz, for a peak compute power of 3.49 TeraFLOPS.

The project is not new—RAZR had released a similar accessory which can boost games from an external graphics card, but was not compatible with Apple laptops. However, Wolfe, a Kickstarter project, promises compatibility with both Windows and Mac laptops.

Watch the video below to see the Wolfe in action:

Wolfe is presently in an early stage and customers would have to still wait since the final product will take a few months to be released. The product would be available in February and presently the starting price for backing the Kickstarter product is USD 399. With the Wolfe Pro, your laptop is fully equipped to handle VR. For the first time, gamers, developers, and other professionals can use this technology without a desktop computer. The Wolfe outperforms consoles and most desktops, so you can play all the latest AAA games. And for enthusiasts, the Wolfe Pro allows you to play at the highest settings, without compromising performance. The Wolfe is compatible with Thunderbolt 1, 2, and 3, so you can use it on any Thunderbolt-enabled laptop.

Multiple Wolves – More wolves, even more power

You can upscale your laptop’s performance by a massive amount by adding multiple Wolfe (called Wolves) units. However, the number of wolves you can use is only limited by the number of Thunderbolt ports you have. With two ports and two wolves, you can see insane boosts in performance. However, the benefits of this feature are entirely dependent on the applications you use, and many games out there lack multi-GPU support.

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