Published On: Sun, Jul 17th, 2016

Boss Made Employees Happy By Raising Their Salaries! What They Did In Return Is Just So Unbelievable!


If you really want to thank someone from the bottom of your heart, you can use various ways, isn’t it? Some just express it by saying while some go out of the way and do something special. Yes, Gravity Payments’ employees have done something special for thanking Dan Price, their CEO. Do you want to know what they did?


Well they saved money for 6 months and gifted the CEO his dream car Tesla Model S, can you believe it? You must be wondering as to why this gesture, right? Well, this is because Dan raised the salary of his employees. Yes, Dan took the decision of raising the minimum salary of all the employees to $70,000.

The joy of some employees knew no bounds since their salaries had almost doubled. Moreover, as a fair deal, he brought down his own salary from $1.1 million to the standardized one i.e. $70,000.

Now, the employees were so happy that 120 of them got together and surprised the CEO with a brand new Tesla Model S, which happened to be his dream car. Yes, the CEO took to Facebook to share this joy. Have a look at his Facebook post!

Do you know who gave this idea? Well, it was Alyssa O’Neal, a 24-year-old single mother, for whom this salary raise had a major impact. Even a video of CEO’s reaction was released by Gravity Payments. Watch the video!

Why this move?

Well, his brother and co-founder of Gravity Payments, Lucas Price filed a lawsuit against Dan saying that he gets too much payment and the rights of Lucas as a minority shareholder of the company aren’t being respected. Hence, Dan took this decision of keeping everything equal.

Employees are busy celebrating this raise and are trying to make their boss happy! Hope Dan enjoys this new car of his.

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