Published On: Mon, May 30th, 2016

Boy Found His Father’s Murderer After 12 Years & You Won’t Believe What He Did With Him


True, if you have fire of revenge burning within, you just can’t sit relax or calm and this is what happened with a minor of 12 when he saw someone murdering his father and at that very time, he made up his mind to take revenge from the man. After he turned 24, the boy murdered the so-called assassinator of his father and cut his body into 12 pieces since he waited for 12 years for vengeance. Subsequently, the boy who turned into a youngster talked to media as well as admitted what he did when cop took him into custody.

The incident took place in Moradabad and as stated by Ram Suresh Yadav, city SP, “The accused has confessed to his crime and all the articles used in the murder, including the deceased’s mobile phone and a SIM card, have been recovered. The accused will be produced before the magistrate and sent to jail.”

24-yr Alam Khan is not at all feeling guilty for his crime and told media that he had to wait for 12 long yrs to “realize his dream and was happy about it”.

It was on 16th December that folks were in a shock finding human body’s different pieces scattered on Ramganga’s banks. Later they notified cop of the same but head of the body could not be found on account of which they were unable to identify the victim. After a while, a local named Ameer Hussain recognized that it was his brother Mohammad Rais based on chest’s stitch marks.

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He told police about his brother being missing since when he went to the home of Alam Khan due to some work of repairing. After that he never saw him again and when cop searched Alam’s home, they detained him and booked under IPC sections 201 (causing disappearance of evidence of offence) and 302 (murder). What’s more, they have found waist belt, saw, hammer and a knife, all the weapons used to chop Mohammad Rais’ body. Additionally, Shoaib Kalam, Alam’s accomplice is also taken into custody.

As per Khan, he called Mohammad Rais and gave him alcohol to drink. “Afterwards, I played music on full volume as I killed him with a knife and then cut his body into 12 pieces. We then packed the body parts into polybags and disposed them in the river,” said he to the reporters.

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