Published On: Fri, Jun 17th, 2016

Boy made to drink beer in return for money


Boy made to drink beer in return for money

PARIS: A little boy was cajoled into drinking a whole bottle of beer in French town of Lille by British football fans prior to Thursday’s Euro 2016 match against Wales, according to an eyewitness.

The eyewitness, Michael Stothard is a Financial Times correspondent based in Paris. He said the England fans offered the seven-year boy, whose identity was not revealed, to gulp down the beer in return for some money.

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Stothard broached the issue to world by posting a picture on his Twitter handle. The picture was captioned: “England fans in Lille just got begging 7 year old to down a whole beer in exchange for some coins. #EURO2016.”

The issue was soon ablaze with a lot of reactions. Replying to a tweet, Stothard’s said: “I saw it, yes. He downed the bottle in five gulps to raucous cheers. Then was handed money. They gave him a cigarette too.”

“But he threw the cigarette on the ground and stamped it out. The fans looked disappointed,” says another tweet from Stothard.

It should be mentioned here that a similar incident took place earlier as well in the same city. According to media reports, England fans were seen mocking child beggars in Lille. They threw money on to the floor and made little poor children to pick it up.

Meantime, a video footage is being cited in this regard. The footage showed football buffs ‘getting high’ outside a cafeteria in the French city. The group of drunkards can be seen throwing coins to a group of children playing next to them.

Expressing strong disapproval of the incident, another eyewitness also stated the drinking Englishmen were eight or nine in number. He said they were poking fun at the little boys from impoverished families, laughing and throwing ‘alms’ toward the children who were not above eight or nine.

However, the nationality of the fans could not be confirmed through independent sources.

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