Published On: Wed, Jun 8th, 2016

Calgary kitten killer admits he was wrong


Calgary kitten killer admits he was wrong

There wasn’t a lot of remorse shown by a Calgary senior sentenced on a charge of animal cruelty in court Tuesday, but he said he understands strangling cats is wrong.

Ottavio Marchesan, a southeast Calgary man in his 70s, was handed several months of house arrest and will be prohibited from owning animals for the rest of his life, for killing stray kittens on his Albert Park property in July 2015.

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He claimed it was done done to protect rabbits he had in his backyard, — rabbits that were seized from his care in the aftermath.

“My client viewed these cats as a threat to his baby bunnies and also to the song birds,” defence attorney Jim Hittel said.

“His intent in this case was to humanely destroy these animals and he did it in the wrong way, and he understands that.”

Marchesan said he doesn’t feel guilty but that he does apologize.

“I’m sorry for what I’ve done and the way I’ve done it,” he said, adding he didn’t set out to kill the cats that day but took the opportunity when he found them caught in live traps laid out to capture some escaped rabbits.

“I’ve been through quite a bit of stress for one year, for two little kitties,” he said later.

Crown Matt Dalidowicz said stray cats may be considered pests by some, but these ones were treated in a terrible fashion.

“You have to treat them appropriately,” he said.

“You have to treat them in a way that doesn’t cause them undo suffering.”


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