Published On: Sat, Jul 16th, 2016

Calgary police shooting leaves one person dead


Calgary police shooting leaves one person dead

Calgary police shot and killed a break-in suspect allegedly caught in the act Friday night at a condominium parkade in the city’s southeast.

The incident happened around 8 p.m., at 17A Street and Inglewood Park S.E.

One person died at the scene.

Calgary police Chief Roger Chaffin confirmed the use of lethal force late Friday night.

Chaffin said a resident of the condo building, SoBow, caught four people prowling vehicles and called police, who blocked off the exits and went in after them.

Exactly what happened during the altercation that followed isn’t being disclosed by police but Chaffin said an officer opened fire on a stolen vehicle the four suspects were in.

The driver was struck and killed. The other three suspects were arrested and charges are pending against them.

Chaffin said he “absolutely” stands behind his officer.

“This is part of the dynamic and difficult things we deal with,” he said.

“When our officers are faced with any situation where they believe they are in the position of grievous bodily harm or death, they respond accordingly. That’s what we would expect them to do and that’s what happened in this circumstance.”

The deceased is known to police, Chaffin said, with an extensive criminal record.

The scene was large and active, with a heavy police presence in and around the condo building, with the bulk of officers focused on the parkade, spilling out into the outdoor parking lot.

Tell-tale yellow police tape was put up around the building, cutting the public off from a large area.

Recently, a notice to unit owners and tenants at the building warned of vehicle break-ins and thefts in the parkade the morning of July 14.

Surveillance photos of suspects were included with the notice, showing a pair of males gaining entry through a lock box.

A second notice to owners and tenants, shared with Postmedia, connected the break-ins with the fatal shooting, saying a resident caught spotted some of the break-in suspects and called police.

Police asked for surveillance footage and will maintain the scene for at least a day, the latter release stated.

As with all incidents where police actions result in death or serious injury, the Alberta Serious Incident Response Team will investigate.

News Source Calgary Sun

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