Published On: Thu, Aug 4th, 2016

California Democrat launches petition to examine Trump’s mental health


California Democrat launches petition to examine Trump’s mental health

A Democrat representative from California launched a petition at, calling for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump to undergo a mental health evaluation.

Rep. Karen Bass, formerly a physician assistant and a clinical instructor, said Trump may have the narcissistic personality disorder, which could severely influence his actions as commander in chief.

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“Donald Trump is dangerous for our country. His impulsiveness and lack of control over his own emotions are of concern. It is our patriotic duty to raise the question of his mental stability to be the commander in chief and leader of the free world,” the petition states.

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“Mr Trump appears to exhibit all the symptoms of the mental disorder Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). Mental health professionals need to come forward and urge Republican [politicians] to insist that their nominee has an evaluation to determine his mental fitness for the job.”

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Bass explained the nine symptoms of NPD in her petition. They include a grandiose sense of self-importance, a preoccupation with fantasies of unlimited success, a belief that he or she is special and can only be understood by others with a similar status, a requirement of excessive admiration, a sense of entitlement, interpersonal exploitation, lack of empathy, envy of others and arrogant or haughty behaviour.

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“I call on mental health professionals to publicly urge the Republican Party to conduct an evaluation of Mr Trump and officially determine if he is mentally fit to lead the free world,” Bass said in the petition.

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