Published On: Mon, Apr 11th, 2016

Camera Face-off: iPhone 6S vs Galaxy S7 vs Lumia 1020 vs Sony Z5 vs Mi5



Mumbai: The “snapper” has become an integral part of each and every modern day smartphone and most users carefully inspect the camera offering on a device before buying it.

For the lot who are rather particular about the camera on their palm-sized device, there are a lot of devices to choose from. While most modern day smartphones offer a good camera setup, only a few in the market offer exceptional images.

With the introduction of devices such as the iPhone 6S and Samsung S7, high standards have been set in terms of camera quality and both are capable of clicking amazing, high detail images.

Also, existing devices such the Nokia Lumia 1020 and Sony’s Z5 have proved to be close competitors.

While all these smartphones are rather expensive, Xiaomi’s latest flagship Mi5, which is approximately half the price of the S7, has also been touted to have a great camera.

A Youtube channel by the name Manila Shaker has recently conducted a camera comparison between all the aforementioned devices and the results are way different from what you expected.

Check out this detailed video that compares a number of images shot on these devices. And yes, the iPhone did not emerge as the winner in both image and video capabilities. So tune in to the video and surprise yourself.

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