Published On: Mon, Oct 19th, 2015

Celebrating golden years of Lollywood



It is a good omen that Pakistani film industry is growing and advancing with new technologies. New faces with new talent are emerging on the screens. With the materialization of new flair, we still remember the golden period of Pakistani film industry which was the era of the 1960s. That golden period was celebrated in Lahore. In an effort to recreate and celebrate the golden moments of cinema in Pakistan, the Citizens Archive of Pakistan (CAP) screened the 1960’s blockbuster Armaan starring Waheed Murad and Zeba.   The screening under the title Lollywood Night ‘Old is Gold’ took place at Ali Auditorium on Ferozepur Road on Saturday night. The ticket was Rs1,200 and the event was organized for fundraising by CAP to benefit CAP’s Oral History Project and Outreach Tours.

CAP works in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad and it is a nonprofit organization. The work of this organization is to preserve culture and history. Innumerous people go to watch the movie Armaan which was showed to celebrate the magic of the golden years of the Lollywood industry. The viewers gave a deafening round of appreciation on different scenes of the film, especially on the song ‘Akele Na Jana’ picturized on Waheed Murad.

The audiences got emotional on different scenes and even shed tears on the acting of Waheed Murad and Zeba in some emotional scenes and they impulsively laughed on the acting of Nirala.  Director of the Oral History Project, Muhammad Owais Rana, said on the event that “We have worked tirelessly towards preserving the chronicles of Pakistan’s rich history and heritage. Now, we need your support so please come forward and help The Citizens Archive of Pakistan to preserve the legacy of our country,”

A TV actor Raju Jamil who is a witness to Armaan’s shootings, he shared many things with the audiences and said that “I saw shootings both in Murree and Karachi. The film proved a huge success,” The film broke many records at the box office; it ran for over 75 weeks in the country, fetching the first ‘Platinum Jubilee’ movie in Lollywood, along with collecting verity of Nigar awards, including the ‘Best Film’ for 1966.

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