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Charging money to promote films is my policy, says KRK


Charging money to promote films is my policy, says KRK

After being ruthlessly exposed of his fraudulence, KRK held a PC on Friday evening to come clean on his version of the story.

Mumbai: The Ajay Devgn-KRK feud is getting uglier by the minute with numerous twists and turns. Ever since Karan Johar announced the release date of his upcoming film ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’, which clashes with Ajay Devgn’s ‘Shivaay’, the fan base of the two films have been at loggerheads with each other. But the real battle commenced when Ajay stepped into the ring with an audio clip of KRK admitting to being paid by Karan Johar to say only positive things about the film. The self-proclaimed film critic had resorted to unsavourily slandering ‘Shivaay’, and the audio clip added major credence to the foul play theory.

KRK, after being ruthlessly exposed of his fraudulence, held a press conference on Friday evening, to come clean on his version of the story. When asked about the audio clip of his conversation with Kumar Mangat, he said, “Kumar Mangat and I have produced two films together. We two are close friends and he keeps coming to my house. If I am not a genuine person then he should have not made two big films with me. I feel that this isn’t about Ajay Devgn’s emotional connection with the industry; it is only a matter of money. Before joining the industry, he was 2 rupees people (sic) but now he is a billionaire, so it is clearly a matter of money.”

“Ajay Devgn and Kumar Mangat have done all of this because when their film ‘Son Of Sardaar’ clashed with Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan,’ the entire industry requested him to push the release date but Ajay didn’t budge. Since Yash Chopra passed away, I believe this is his emotional connection. Ajay Devgn is targeting Karan Johar by using my name as he wants to drag the matter to the court. Earlier, he had filed a case against YRF that he lost and now he wants to repeat the history,” he added.

When further probed, KRK said, “Kumar Mangat asked me why I referred to ‘Shivaay’ as ‘Himmatwala 2. He asked me why I was favouring Karan Johar and ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’. Why am I saying good things about the film? He is implying that if I like the teaser of ‘ADHM’, I still must pan the film. Kumar Mangat is purely putting pressure on me just because he feels we are close friends. Just to avoid him over the phone call, I told him that Karan Johar has given me 25 lakhs, and the very next moment he offered me money to say good things about ‘Shivaay’.”

“I never say that I don’t take money to do film promotions. I have my website and it is not a public forum. I pay salaries to everyone. I have promoted several films, some have paid me 10 lakhs, some 15 lakhs and the films for which I have promoted, I haven’t reviewed them. And charging money to promote the films is my policy. I never do it for free. During ‘Bombay Velvet’, I had said that Karan Johar had sent me a message but it was nothing like that. It became a huge controversy since the time I have asked money on camera from Karan. I saw and loved the teaser of ‘ADHM’ so I said good things about it. Why will I say bad things about any film just to make someone happy? I feel ‘Shivaay’ is ‘Himmatwala 2′ and so I said as much. As a film critic, I will decide what to say and not anyone else,” he added.

He continued to defend himself by saying, “I’ve never taken money from him to promote his films. If you watch my review of ‘Action Jackson,’ you’ll see that I have not bad-mouthed him at all. On the contrary, I have appreciated him. During the clash between YRF and ‘Son of Sardaar,’ he had resorted to all sorts of tactics. You have to ask Ajay Devgn if I’m so important that he had to take to the media. Karan Johar never asked me to bad-mouth any film. I’ve been made a scapegoat, if you ask me. I’ll be reviewing both the movies. If the film (Shivaay) turns out to be good, my review will be excellent, as well. Everyone believes that by associating with me, they gain publicity. This is going to harm Ajay Devgn’s film immensely, whosoever might be behind this. I’d only like to ask Ajay Devgn to fight it out with Karan Johar, one-on-one, like men do. Not resort to something like this. Everyone’s intimidated by Kamaal R Khan, because I am not scared of anyone. I had kicked Ajay Devgn’s PRO out. Probably the same person must have fed Kumar Mangat with this idea. I don’t have any links in Dubai. I’m a straight businessman. I absolutely loved the teaser that had come out. Anyone can say anything for the sake of publicity.”

“This fight is between Ajay Devgn and Karan Johar and I have been dragged into it which is unfair. Aishwarya Rai is like my sister-in-law and I disliked her in the teaser,” Kamaal concluded.

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