Published On: Thu, Dec 17th, 2015

Childbearing in early 20s is no more an advisable



It is known that teenage pregnancy is not good for healtNew-2014-Fashion-dresses-for-pregnant-women-Maternity-cute-Dresses-summer-Pregnant-Women-Plus-Size-Looseh, but child conceiving in the early 20s is no much as worthwhile than former concepts, revealed in latest research. The investigators discovered that health of the women at midlife is linked to when they had their initial child and to their wedded chronology.

Kristi Williams from The Ohio State University in the US stated in the study that “We have had all this focus on the bad effects of teen childbearing and never really asked what happens if these teens waited to early adulthood,” Williams further stated that “The assumption has been that ‘of course, it is better to wait.’ But at least, when it comes to the later health of the mother, that is not necessarily true,”


The research gained data from 3,348 women who had an initial childbirth between the ages of 15 and 35 and ranked their own health at age 40 on a scale from bad to good. The investigators contrasted women who had their initial birth as teenagers (ages 15-19), all through early maturity (ages 20-24) and when they were older (ages 25-35).

The consequences illustrated that ladies who were aged 25-35 be inclined to describe good health at age 40 than the two younger clusters.


However, there was no major dissimilarity in midlife fitness for the women with teen births contrast to the women who stayed until they were age 20-24.

Williams gave details that “Ours is the first US study to find that having your first child in young adulthood is associated with worse self-assessed health decades later for white and black women when compared to those who wait until they are over 24,”

She ended it as, “We yet require to be concerned that women who are having births in their early 20s may face more health challenges as they reach middle age than those who wait longer,”


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