Published On: Tue, Nov 24th, 2015

Cinema Can’t Help The Innocent’s Against Terrorists , SAYS: ‘Kabir Khan’


Well if we talk about Terrorism then we feel pity to say that the Terrorism is getting spread like a fire in a jungle in the whole world.
Actually in the beginning it was started from ‘Pakistan’ and Most of the people Said that these all Attacks are from our Neighbour country ‘India’ and literally it was very worst like never been before and thousands of people were died in a couple of months,but our Pakistan’s Army tried very hard and they put their full effort to overcome this matter and finally they have almost 70% controlled all these kind of activities but yet it’s a main Problem of the Whole world which includes Muslim countries and non-Muslim As well.
‘Kabir Khan’ who is the well known movie Director of Indian films And mostly make movies against Terrorism and Recently He made a Movie With Name of ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ in which He try To once again target terrorism and try to aware people and try to differentiate about terrorism and the people who use name of Muslims and the Muslim religion and doing terrorism behind the name of Muslims .
So in an interview ‘Kabir’ Says that He and His team always try to make a movie which recognise the people about the real Face of terrorists and also He wanted to let people aware from the real face of innocents.
He also shared that the effort he puts in his movie ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ went totally useless and even people give a very negative response.
Actually the reason behind this is, people watch that this movie is made by Indian and its anti-Pakistan, THATS IT !!!
They didn’t find the Purpose which the Director try to gives you for their awareness but yet it’s not happening and that is why ‘Kabir’ Says that the Cinema can not Help it out to get aware people about terrorism and make up their minds to differentiate between Wrong And Right.

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