Published On: Tue, Mar 15th, 2016

It’s so close in Calgary Greenway By-Election it’s going to be any body’s game


According to the poll, Prab Gill is on top with 27%

Just four weeks to campaign which included nomination process, candidates had their work cut out for them.

Regardless of short time and nomination confusion. Candidates are putting up a good show, according to Mainstreet research polls, PC is still on top with 27%, followed By NDP with 22%, Wild Rose sitting at 19%, Liberal’s falling behind with 17%.


According to the poll, NDP’s Roop Rai is at 22%

According to this poll, 85% people have decided their candidate, which leaves 15% undecided vote gap between last one to top is 10%. Only one week to go and it’s all up to candidates and their volunteers to reach those undecided voters and have them  convinced to vote. It is going to be tough as NDP are only 5% behind and as ruling party they can easily catch up to PC, but Wild Rose has only 3% to catch up to NDP, while Liberals are trailing behind only 2% of Wild Rose.


The poll states that Devinder Toor of Wild Rose at 19%

It’s definitely nail biting moment for all four major parties candidates, NDP and Liberals are working hard to get this seat, Liberals have a bit of an edge as Federal Liberals are pushing to get this seat and MP’s from all over are door knocking with Khalil Karbani.


Khalil Karbani from Liberals is optimistic and keen to work hard to seal those votes to the very end. He is at 17% in the poll.

MP of Calgary Skyiew, Mr. Darshan Kang was seen wearing Khalil Karbani’s name badge at yesterday’s Calgary Greenway debates. It will give Khalil Karbani a much needed boost, while Muslim community are working hard to put Khalil in the legislation as their voice. Khalil has been living in this riding for a long time and has a long list of volunteers who are at his side and are giving their day and night to work in this riding and to make sure they can get him to the legislation.

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