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Cold weather front hits US, Canada and Europe

WASHINGTON D.C: The US citizens are bracing for more cold weather, as another cold weather front is affecting North America, bringing more snow and cold to the US, Canada and Europe as well.


The weather front is bringing more snow, rain and freezing winds, as the citizens of both continents barely made their way out of the previous weather system, that affected millions across the US and Europe.

Similarly, with the onset of this weather system life has been brought to a standstill in Canada and the US, whereby thousands are housebound and without electricity.

According to reports, so far 14 people have been killed in different incidents across the US, whereas 10 people have lost their lives in Canada, owing to the rough weather.

In one of Canada’s largest cities, Toronto, under 200,000 people were without power due to rough weather, following rough weather that lasted throughout the weekend, Arab news reported

Across Europe, specially Britain, intermittent rains have killed 5 people during the last three days.

(Radio Pak)



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