Published On: Fri, Feb 26th, 2016

Computer can evaluate your boringness


A recent research study says that not only your employer or spouse, even computers programmed to check people’s body language can inform whether they are bored or not.

Body-language expert Dr Harry Witchel, from the University of Sussex, discovered that by evaluating a person’s acts when they employ a computer, it is probable to evaluate their level of attention. This can be accomplished by monitoring whether they showcase the little acts that people typically continually display, called as non-instrumental movements.

Dr Witchel has said that if a person is monitored in what they are seeing or acting, there is a reduce in these unconscious movements. Dr Witchel illustrated that “Our study showed that when someone is really highly engaged in what they’re doing, they suppress these tiny involuntary movements. It’s the same as when a small child — who is normally constantly on the go — stares gaping at cartoons on the television without moving a muscle,”

The research study was cited in the journal Frontiers in Psychology and it could have an important impact on the growth of artificial intelligence (AI). The author of the study further told that “Being capable to ‘read’ a person’s interest in a computer program could bring real advantages to future digital learning, creating it a much more two-way procedure,”

27 participants were employed in the study, which was faced with three-minute computer sessions that varied from fascinating games to boring readings from the European Union (EU) banking rules. Meanwhile, video motion-tracking technology was employed to evaluate their acts.

There were two similar reading tasks, the one that was much involving found in a 42 percent decrease in the non-instrumental act.

Dr Witchel stated that “The results can also assist us make much empathetic companion robots — which may sound very ‘Sci-Fi’, but are becoming a pragmatic chance within our lifetimes,”

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