Published On: Wed, Jul 13th, 2016

Cricket pitches need to be more bowler-friendly



India’s eminent batting star Sachin Tendulkar has said that cricket pitches require being much bowler-friendly if the growing disparity amid bat and ball is to be addressed.

The Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) world cricket committee on Tuesday suggested restraints on the width and intensity of bats among concerns that the sport has named greatly in favor of the batsmen in latest years.

A report charged by the MCC, the custodian of the game’s laws, in 2014 discovered the width of bats had slightly elevated in the last century and that limits had widened by 300 percent, meaning even inopportune shots could still discover the boundary.

Tendulkar, who relinquish international cricket in 2013 as the game’s much creative batsman both in tests and the 50-over format, needed much help for the bowlers from the playing exterior. He stated that “The wickets need to change; they need to be more helpful for bowlers,” Tendulkar further stated that “In T20s, the greatest of bowlers are being reverse-swept. Three-hundred is no longer competitive in ODIs. So there should be at least one format where bowlers have a better chance of executing their skills and making it more interesting for spectators. I don’t think it’s got much to do with bats, but I’m sure people on the [relevant] panel will be able to look into it.”


Tendulkar’s opinions resonance the emotions of Australian opener David Warner, who stated last week that flat pitches instead of bats with thicker limits are the cause batsmen have the greater hand in test cricket.

Tendulkar was part of the panel that suggested Anil Kumble for the India coach’s job and him specialises the team to profit from the immense experience of the ex-leg-spinner. He said that “A fabulous player, a hard competitor and will not make any compromises on the field,” Tendulkar added ESPNcricinfo “He will be out there to win each and every moment. He played for almost 20 years, so there is plenty to share. I’ll just tell the players to grasp as much information from Anil as possible.”

Kumble, who appear to bowl with a binding jowl in a 2002 Antigua test, can as well train the players how to hold hardship, added Tendulkar. He told that “There are always big, crunch moments in any match and how to approach those moments is important,” Tendulkar continued “In sport, over a period of time what you learn is not every day you are successful, sometimes you have to face failures. It is all about being a tough character and be able to stand back on your feet again and to compete the next day. Every day is a fresh day, the new beginning. That is something I feel Anil will teach them.”


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