Published On: Wed, Apr 20th, 2016

Dark chocolate can be helpful in sleeping better

Closeup of Cocoa Powder on spoon

Closeup of Cocoa Powder on spoon

If you are a chocolate lover then there is good news for you. A new research study has revealed that eating dark chocolates can aid you in sleeping better at night as they enclose an essential nutrient which assists in controlling the body clock.

Researchers from the University of Edinburgh and University of Cambridge in the UK have shared that Magnesium; enclosed in numerous foods for example dark chocolate, nuts, and green leafy vegetables, assists cells to cope in the body’s circadian rhythm.

Circadian rhythm or internal clock is accountable for diverse body works such as sleeping, waking and temperature, ‘Tech Times’ stated. Gerben Van Ooijen from the University of Edinburgh added that “Internal clocks are fundamental to all living things. They influence many aspects of health and disease in our own bodies, but equally in crop plants and micro-organisms,”

Researchers tested on three biological organisms like fungi, algae, and human cells. Employing molecular examination, they discovered levels of magnesium that oscillates as the cells experience the 24-hour clock. This 24-hour increase and drop oscillation is vital to maintaining the cell’s power for the entire day. The existence of magnesium in cells as well adds to its metabolism or the effectiveness of cells to exchange nutrients into energy within the day. Magnesium moreover manages the burning of energy when the cells biologically require it, researchers stated.

The results can facilitate in the improvement of chronotherapy or the treatment relying on the body’s circadian rhythm and the development of a variety of crops that can be harvested in an extensive season, they added.

John O’Neill from the University of Cambridge further continued that “The new discovery could lead to a whole range of benefits spanning human health to agricultural productivity,” The results were presented in the journal Nature.

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