Published On: Tue, Sep 6th, 2016

Defending Pakistan through Immortal Songs


By Omair Alavi


Defence Day is as important to Pakistanis as their Independence Day; it was on 6thSeptember 1965 that the soldiers went ahead and defended the borders against an enemy that had a bigger army but not a bigger heart. Let’s celebrate this Day with 6 of the best songs – in Urdu – that have become cult since their release … 3 songs will be from the modern era and as many from the golden era so that everyone can relate to these magical numbers. Enjoy:
1-Aye Watan Kay Sajeelay Jawano/ Rang Layega Shaheedon Ka Lahu – Noor Jehan
They say that had Madam Noor Jehan not been in Pakistan, the morale of the soldiers wouldn’t have been sky high; Malika e Tarannum sang some of the best songs during the Indo-Pak War of 1965 and all of them are still popular even after half a century. Be it the lyrics of Jamil uddin Aali, Sufi Tabassum or anyone else, Noor Jehan gave life to the wordings and when the soldiers heard these numbers on the radio, all they cared about was destroying the enemy and saving the motherland.
2-Aye Raah e Haq Kay Shaheedo – Naseem Begum
Even Naseem Begum who sang this number didn’t know how popular her song would become in the 70s and beyond. She passed away in 1971 at the age of 35 but this song has kept her alive in the hearts and minds of all those who have heard it. The lyrics by Musheer Kazmi compliments the Salim Iqbal-composition and no amount of words can praise them because they are just phenomenal. Be it the references to the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) or Hazrat Ali and their family; to the country’s mothers and daughters or the wind that blows in our free country, everything fits so perfectly that you will shed a tear just by listening to the song.
3-Allah o Akbar – Inayat Hussain Bhatti
This song is perhaps the first film number that was replayed during the Indo – Pak War of 1965 to motivate the soldiers and the public alike. Inayat Hussain Bhatti sang the number for Pakistani filmChangez Khan in 1958 but it was brought back to life when enemy attacked Pakistan. Not only does the Allah o Akbar in chorus give you goosebumps, the wordings fit well with the music. The composition by Rasheed Attre is undoubtedly the second most played tune in the country after the National Anthem!
4-Har Ghari Tayyar Kamran Hain Hum – Khalid Waheed
Khalid Waheed has been around for a long time but it was in the late 70s and the 80s that he was associated with PTV’s music scene and his popularity rivaled that of his contemporaries Alamgir and Shyjaki. His song on Pakistan’s Armed forces became highly popular in the 80s and was played whenever the Defence Day came. He sings into perfection as well, raising the pitch of his voice to match the energy of the soldiers who defend the country all year long.
5-Tum Hi Se Aye Mujahido – Alamgir
Alamgir was one of the pioneers of pop music in the country (along with Mohammad Ali Shyhaki) but he had sung countless national songs including Khayal Rakhna and others. However, his last hit number was about the Pakistan Air Force which was made immortal by an impressive music video and the words Shaheed Ki Jo Maut Hai Who Qaum Ki Hayat Hai. Alamgir may have sung many songs but the impact of this number and its significance on Defence Day has gotten it a place in the Best Ever!
6-O Mere Yaar – Jawad Ahmed
Pop star Jawad Ahmed came up with a patriotic song that had a story like no other. Directed by Ahsan Rahim and featuring virtually unknown actors, the music video had a high production value and reminded one of the Hollywood War Dramas likeSaving Private Ryan. The lyrics were nostalgic and the execution perfect making it the perfect Defence Day number in a long time.
Courtesy: Samaa

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