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Delhi based girl’s story about an Ola driver who secretly recorded her will shock you


Delhi based girl’s story about an Ola driver who secretly recorded her will shock you

Mumbai: As if Ola wasn’t giving its riders enough nasty nightmares, here’s another incident to make one dread taking an Ola ride. Delhi resident Priyanka Gusain posted about an incident that took place in the capital while travelling back to Chanakyapuri in an Ola cab.

According to her post, the driver recorded the entire cab ride, everything that happened, in his phone. He recorded each and every gesture, moment and word uttered by Priyanka on his phone.

Driver’s weird behaviour alerted the girl, who then confiscated his phone and handed him over to the police. However, the police frankly informed Priyanka that the accused will be relieved soon as it is a bailable offence.

Here’s what the original post read:

  • I am going to narrate something that happened with me in an OLA cab.
  • *This is a caution advice to all females and an eye-opener for OLA’
  • It was 12:43 PM and I was travelling to Chanakyapuri in an Ola cab. My driver’s name was Abhilash Singh, CRN No. 299860428.

As the cab moved on for the destination, I went about checking my emails and answering some important work related phone calls. However, I sensed something extremely strange about the cab driver. His body posture was defensive and he would constantly look at me in the rear view mirror. Not knowing whether to trust my gut feeling, I discounted it as my brain telling me to be cautious.

Moments later, my attention was pulled towards a phone which was neatly placed at an angle on his hand which allowed the aforementioned driver to very easily and comfortably record the happenings in the cab.

It was then that it hit me; he might have been recording a video. I did not realise this initially but the moment I sat in his car, his phone’s front camera was fixed in my direction.

  • I asked him to pull over and confiscated his phone. What I saw left me shocked.
  • There it was, a video of me, all of me. My every gesture, movement, each word uttered was recorded on his phone. Never in my life did I ever feel this violated.
  • Imagine, had I not known, some random stranger would have been walking around with a video of me in his phone, in his pocket, meant to be shared or something.
  • In what I thought was my privacy and the comfort for which I paid, I was violated.
  • I handed the guy over to the police because tomorrow CV such videos may fail to satisfy what he seek.
  • The policeman told me something frankly ‘madam, ye choot jayega, it’s a bailable offense’.
  • The driver is probably out right now, driving some girl somewhere and violating her in ways the law does not seem to recognize.
  • I want to urge Ola to take strong action against this employee because if need be, I will escalate this matter further. ‪#‎olatakeaction‬

In response to this creepy incident, the management from Ola simply rubbed it off by apologising in their dull repeated words.

  • Apologies for the bad experience the team will get in touch with you regarding the issue,” Ola management responded.

This only sparked an outrage among people on social media who lashed out at Ola for such a ridiculous response. Here’s how people reacted:

“This is your reply for such a serious matter?? That sorry for a “bad experience”.

This is regarding girls safely he might be driving some girl right now somewhere in delhi!!,” wrote Priyanka Gusain.

“Olacabs you should have some decency to take actions according to the severity of the matter as well. Giving same standard set of apologetic line to everyone will not work. I am one person who would never recommend your service to any female specifically,” commented Suneet Joshi on Facebook.

“Olacabs that was a horrendous reply ! Apologies for the bad experience ?? Are you kidding me ? Did you just equate such an important matter to a mere experience complaint ? Like I’m sorry the seat was not comfortable enough ? Instead of acting like a call centre asking for a booking id here someone should take this hands on meet the concerned person soothe her down and give her a warm apology. Terrible behaviour guys!,” commented another user Nidhi Batra.

“Ola freaking cab. Can you ‘resolve’ this? Ola drivers and employees are the most lousy people I’ve dealt with in recent times. Try booking a cab and they will refuse it anytime. No trust there. Yesterday, a driver barked at me because someone else booked his cab and cabcelled it. My mistake was just to ask him if he was Ola I just booked. I just happened to ask the wrong one. Anyways, spit it all on me. Evening, I booked a cab which shows 2 minutes away and waited 1 hour. Soon as I boarded it another ola drove by and side talked my driver ‘inn ko ghuma leh na’. Gangsters operating cab services in Delhi,” stated another user.

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