Published On: Tue, Feb 16th, 2016

Delicious green tea smoked ragi cutlet



When the two ideas infused into one then the preparation become the delicious green tea smoked ragi cutlet. The meek aroma of the green tea, when to add with the fresh flavors that become into the pie blend, become a really healthy but yummy cutlet. Ragi is a rich source of protein and if we use it as a whole grain then the nutritional value of it increased. It has very vital amino acids, building blocks for proteins, which are not there in other starchy meals. Ragi provides iron, making it helpful for people with low haemoglobin levels.


1/4 cup– Sprouted finger millet required
2– Medium, boiled, peeled & mashed potatoes required
100g– Cottage cheese, crumbled required
2– spring onion bulbs, chopped required
2 tbsp–Spring onion greens, chopped required
3– garlic pods, 2 spicy green chillies and a 1-piece ginger, crushed jointly required
2 tbsp–Coriander, chopped required
Salt just for taste
1/2 tsp—oil required

Ingredients for smoke effect

2 pieces–Charcoal
A steel bowl or aluminium foil
2 tbsp–Green tea, some drops oil
2-3 tbsp–Breadcrumbs
2-3 tsp–Oil for cooking


First put half a spoon of oil and sauté the garlic in it.

Get all the ingredients to make cutlets and combine them jointly.

Smolder the charcoal for that time when it becomes orange in color.

Put the mixture in a bowl and mix it properly. Put a steel bowl or an aluminium foil properly, and put the burning charcoal in it.

Put the green tea and some drops of oil on the charcoal and wrap the bowl entirely with the cover. Eliminate the cover later than 3-4 minutes. Don’t rap it for a long time, because we only want the green tea flavor to infuse the combine.

Eliminate the charcoal bowl cautiously employing a tone.

Put the bread crumbs into the mixture. Only add some bread crumbs just to absorb the moisture and fasten the mixture.

Separate the mixture into 12-14 similar parts and form them into patties.

Warm a non-stick grill or pan. Throw 1 tsp of oil and put 4-5 pieces at the similar time.

Cook the two sides on an average flame till it becomes golden or grill marks are visible. Make sure that the patties do not smash when you turn over them.

Dish up then when hot along with salad and mint-raw mango chutney.

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