Published On: Wed, Oct 21st, 2015

Designer’s collaboration: Way to lucrative



Lahore is considered as the hub of designers where artists are introducing their innovative designs. Contemporary era is the era of fastness and to compete with this rapidity one has to collaborate to make their speed up. The majority universal high-street brands that have joined services with high-end designers have spectators of advantageous consequences. Retail brands such as H&M brag triumphant collaborations with the likes of Karl Lagerfeld, Alexander Wang, and Isabel Marant. With the Swedish retailer’s impending collaboration with Balmain keeping us on the rim of our seats, we take an exposition look at how this high-street brand-high-end designer dichotomy has augured for the fashion scene in Pakistan.

From the several previous periods, local designers have been working in partnership with textile manufacturers to generate lawn compilations and only sporadically collaborated with high-street/mass-market brands that are in line with their vision and mission. In 2012, Adnan Pardesy employed with fashion brand The Working Woman for an album that attributed fresh cuts and plainness of design, which was in synchronization with the retail outlet’s signature style.


The manager of The working women former brand manager Omar Zaman said, “I always wanted to do a collection that was more diffused and wearable. I wanted someone else to produce it but under my name, so the collaboration fit,” Padres added that “We were trying to define a fashionable look for working women. We had a look in mind and Pardesy’s aesthetics seemed like the perfect fit,”

Zaman added that “Since we were a new brand, at the time, we didn’t want to continually associate ourselves with a designer, as that would’ve meant risking our own standing in the market,”

It is a good approach for getting exposure and making money that we make a team with the designers. HSY with Stoneage was a 2009 alliance that maxim an entirely new look for the jeans brand, stuffed with an exhilarating high-end style and a new line of winter prerequisites, which shaped just the accurate buzz. The HSY-Stoneage pair has permitted teenage customers to own designer outfits that many would otherwise not be able to afford. Spending economy on HSY’s brand name, it is also proficient for Stoneage to achieve the possibility to tap into the master couturier’s fashion-conscious clientele.

Mass-meets-prestige creates hype that permeates the media and consumers beyond a brand’s current influence. Bonanza involved the designers like Maheen Karim and Sanam Chaudhri on board in 2013; both of them have fun with the individual task on fashion that facilitated them to strengthen the brand’s image. But this business enterprise also tires fruit for Karim and Chaudhri which is helping them to become recognized in the country and further than their hometown Karachi.


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