Published On: Wed, Jul 27th, 2016

Did you know? WhatsApp has a hidden Olympics emoji


Did you know WhatsApp has a hidden Olympics emoji

The new emoji is only available on Android for now.

Since the Olympics are scheduled to begin in the first week of August, there is to be an excitement in the air. This excitement seems to be adopted by the most used messaging app platform WhatsApp too. Did you know that WhatsApp has an Olympics emoji listed in the sports tab?

Yes. If you peep into the emoji section under the sports tab, in the keyboard, you will find that WhatsApp has quietly listed an emoji for the Olympics. This emoji is also available on the web app for WhatsApp. However, for now, only Android users seem to have it. iPhone users would have to probably wait for an update.

Open up the keyboard, head to the emoji tab (the soccer ball icon), and you will find it in the end, next to the bowling emoji.

WhatsApp rolls out 4 new awesome features

Another day and another WhatsApp feature. The Facebook Inc. owned messaging app is one of the fastest growing services on the planet. The app has constantly been in news for rolling out its new features every now and then.

While WhatsApp users are still awaiting for the release of the video calling option, iPhone users may have noticed four new features with the latest update to v2.16.7 of the app, pushed today.

Zoom in/out videos

The new WhatsApp update completely changes the way videos were recorded earlier on the app. The new option lets you zoom and zoom-out a video. To use the feature, you need to slide your finger up or down in order to zoom in or out, while recording videos in the app.

WhatsApp new features

Bigger emojis

Speaking of emojis, one of the handiest features in the app will now be bigger. When you tap to send an emoji, it will appear much bigger than usual. However, the emojis will appear big only when sent singularly. Previously, only the heart emoji could be sent big and animated.

WhatsApp new features

Quickly delete, archive or mark chats as read

WhatsApp has added support to let you mark your chats in the quick-edit option on the bottom. When tapping Edit at the top of the chats tab, you can now select multiple chats to quickly archive, delete or mark as read options.

Chats open faster than before

Thankfully, WhatsApp will now open your chats faster. Previously, the chat  would scroll up to a said mark, which would then highlight to scroll again to load earlier chats. However, now you can continuously scroll to the beginning or to end of the chat, without pauses.


WhatsApp Web/Desktop in settings

If you head to settings option on the iPhone you should be able to see an option as WhatsApp Web/ Desktop, a feature which was introduced to run the messaging app on PCs as well. With this setting, you can head directly to your WhatsApp for web settings on your phone itself.

Sadly, none of these features has been rolled out on the Android platform, as yet. However, we are expecting it to be available anytime soon for Android users.

News Source Deccan Chronicle & DC

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