Published On: Wed, Sep 28th, 2016

Dilute honey can be helpful for urine infections



The latest research study has found that honey and water can be the helpful weapon in opposition to urine infections in hospital patients, who have a catheter fitted, both to drain urine stuck in the bladder and to monitor urine output.

It is reported that scientists at the University of Southampton have illustrated that diluted honey halts a number of widespread bacteria from forming sticky, hard-to-remove layers on surfaces for example plastic.

A honey solution can be helpful for washing out urinary catheters to make them clean whereas they stay in the bladder.

Honey has been employed for centuries like a natural antiseptic to deal burns and wounds and several companies yet sell a variety of “medical grade” honey products that submit with dogmatic standards.

The research study observes two widespread bacteria that can be a reason for urine and bladder infections – E. coli and Proteus mirabilis.

Still, at the lesser dilution of approximately 3.3 percent, the honey solution seemed to end the bacteria from clustering jointly and making layers of identified biofilm.

Bashir Lwaleed who is the lead researcher has employed Manuka honey (made by bees that feed on the nectar of the manuka tree) in their research study as this dark-colored honey from Australia and New Zealand is recognized to have bacterial-fighting features.

They told further kinds of honey can work too, but they have not experienced this.

Lwaleed added “Nobody identifies accurately how or why honey works as an antibacterial. And we don’t recognize how well honey would be bored in the bladder. We are the initial to suggest this,”

Professor Dame Nicky Cullum, who is a specialist in wound care, has as well observed the proof around honey as a treatment.

He continued “This work from Southampton is at a very early stage so we shouldn’t get too excited. But it is an interesting avenue that is worth pursuing,”

It was further added, “Clearly, we’d require further studies to ensure that it wouldn’t annoy the bladder or reason any other issues. People like things that are natural but they are not always more effective.”

The research study was presented in the Journal of Clinical Pathology.


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