Published On: Wed, Mar 2nd, 2016

Don’t blindly follow mobile health apps


The usage of mobile has increased the mobile based health applications also but now some doctors have advised that don’t blindly depend on these technologies for health updates because they can offer wrong guess.

They have told that much of the times the applications recommend erroneous diet to the user, without recognizing the metabolism of the user’s body, consequently in grave health problems.

Pradeep Gadge, who is a leading diabeteologist, stated that “A lot of applications are not to be relied upon and exist just to generate revenue in the market. There are health applications which claim to measure blood pressure by simply keeping thumb on the screen. Such techniques are misleading,”

Stating an instance, he told that the blood pressure consequence later than evaluating by health applications are for all time diverse from manually evaluating it.

Gadge stated that “There are situations when health application users rely on it for the calories burn during the entire day along with several other things, without even realizing that such applications are pre set and do not show the actual results,”

Doctors have stated that there are an anticipated 50,000 medical applications currently in the market and this is estimated to develop. At present, 500 million people throughout the world are employing health applications for health information.

Sudhir Kumar, who is a Delhi-based diabeteologist, told that “People desire immediate consequences and additional they pursue their own methods to drop extra kilos by apps or some methods instead of going for the natural way or the way recommended by the doctors.

“Despite the popularity and promise of these apps, I’m skeptical about most of these. People need to understand that health guidelines for people vary.”

He told that a current survey also had discovered that different health applications had identified numerous kinds of diseases to its users, but when they asked the doctor more they were discovered to not be suffering from any diseases.

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