Published On: Fri, Sep 23rd, 2016

Don’t need your money


Don’t need your money

Here’s why Jolie’s divorce is actually raising eyebrows.

On Tuesday night, it was all over for ‘Brangelina’, one of the world’s most high-profile celebrity couples and two of the most recognised faces in showbusiness.

Minutes after the announcement of an impending divorce, the Hollywood gurus must have set about crunching numbers because as early as last November, the tabloids claimed that the Brangelina split would be worth several hundred millions.

Well, Angelina wants none of Pitt’s wealth. She has sought no spousal support and wants full custody of their six kids. Though she has agreed to give him visiting rights,  going by how much the World War Z star’s drug-addled parenting has been making news, it’s unlikely that she now wants him around the kids anytime soon.

For Jolie — Oscar winner, UN’s special envoy for refugees, campaigner for education and child rights at hotspots in Asia and Africa — this is the closing of a chapter and the time to move on from a “toxic influence”.
The mark of a truly “independent” woman.

The story home
In India too there have been cases of celebrities walking away from toxic relationships. Recently, Tamil actress Amala Paul called it off with  director-husband AL Vijay. Paul was faced with the prospect of not being allowed to act again and many other such demands. She chose to exit with no demand for maintenance or permanent alimony — from either side.

A few decades ago, actor Nagarjuna split with first wife Lakshmi. Sources tell us Lakshmi, too, just walked away with her son, no demands made.

Another example is Sarika — actor Kamal Haasan’s former wife. Sarika, who was not professionally active at the time of the split, left without seeking compensation and went on to forge a complete career, afresh.

Experts say money plays a very small part for strong, independent women. “What she is looking for is companionship, respect and love. Money is just a small part. They look for a men who provide genuine emotional support because they can earn the money on their own,” explains Dr Nisha.

Abusive relationships
Sravanthi Juluri, a Hyderabad-based artist walked out of an abusive marriage  and for her, it was all about the fresh start. “I did not want any money. I just wanted the nightmare to end. I knew I could take good care of my son,” she says.

Often though, due to the gamut of laws protecting both sides and because of rampant abuse, women find themselves stuck in situations. In such cases, experts believe the way out is the best — money or no money.

“It’s great Jolie is so independent. But sometimes, there have been instances of women, who have been financially dependent on their husbands, yet end the marriage. They have no other way than asking their husbands for help. Because when a spouse turns abusive, it is the person’s right to walk out of it whether they receive any money or not,” says Dr Shiva Kumar, clinical psychologist, Apollo Hospitals.

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