Published On: Tue, Apr 26th, 2016

Dubai tourist uses martial arts to escape rape



After she fought back, the man fled the scene with her purse which contained Dh1,500, other currencies, her passport, mobile phone and personal cards.

 A driver’s alleged attempt to rape a tourist failed as the woman used her martial arts skills that made the man flee instead, the Dubai Court of First Instance heard on Monday.

The driver, a 23-year-old Pakistani, pleaded not guilty in court to charges of kidnap, attempted rape, physical assault and theft charges.

He claimed she rode willingly in his car and he only had a fight with her because she was drunk.

However, according to court documents, the driver claimed during questioning that he tried to have consensual sex with the woman. “The driver claimed he had an agreement with the woman to have sex that night for Dh500. But he claimed they later fought over the place,” said a police lieutenant in the investigation.

According to prosecution records, the driver approached the woman, a Georgian, who was waiting with her friends outside a hotel around 1030pm onNovember 22 last year in Al Rafaa.

He offered to give her a ride to a flower shop, but drove her to a deserted area in the International City where he allegedly tried to rape her. But after she fought back, he fled the scene with her purse which contained Dh1,500, other currencies, her passport, mobile phone and personal cards.

The tourist said in her statement to the prosecutor that she was with her friends outside a hotel where they were to attend a friend’s birthday party. “We were talking about buying flowers and then the driver who was there offered to drop me to a nearby shop.”

But the shop, which the driver claimed was 10 minutes away, turned out to be half an hour away. “He kept silent all the way and would only tell me to wait until we reached a dark deserted location.”

As soon as he stopped his car, he punched her in the face and ripped off her shirt. She took off her shoe and hit him in the face to stop him from further undressing her. “He then leaned towards me, trying to kiss me and touch me,” she said.

The woman then slapped him and pushed him away. “He stepped off and came to my side. He told me to arrange my clothes as he would drop me back to the hotel.”

But he pulled her hair and made her lie down. As he tried to rip off her shirt, she punched him and threw dust in his eyes.

At that point he stood up, went to his car and drove away.

She stopped a car and went to her friend, who took her to the police.

During the questioning, she said the accused did not have the time to take off his trousers as she hit him back. She said she was a karate professional.

The complainant’s friend, a compatriot manager, said during the prosecution investigation that her friend knocked on her door at midnight shortly after the incident.

“She was crying and had blood all over her clothes. Her shirt was ripped off. She had no shoe. She had a black eye and scratches and bruises on her arms.”

The police arrested the accused in Ras Al Khor industrial area on November 25. “We checked the hotel’s CCTV cameras. The two had a very short conversation before they went in his car. He was the one who initiated the conversation with the women outside the hotel,” said a police lieutenant.

The hearing has been adjourned to May 19.

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