Published On: Fri, Oct 14th, 2016

Early childhood experience affects marriage later on


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The researcher named Robert Waldinger of Harvard Medical School has stated that “Our research study illustrates that the influences of childhood experiences can be demonstrated even when people reach their 80s, predicting how happy and secure they are in their marriages as octogenarians,”

The results of the study illustrate that men who developed in caring homes were much expert at organizing hectic emotions when evaluated as middle-aged adults, which assists in elucidating why they had much safe marriages late in life.

Waldinger further continued by saying that “We discovered that this link happens in part for the reason that warmer childhoods endorse better emotion management and interpersonal skills at midlife, and these skills predict many safe marriages in late life,”

The research study, presented in the journal Psychological Science, pursued the similar individuals for more than six decades starting in adolescence and gives proof for the life-long effects of childhood experiences.

Marc Schulz, who is the co-author and the Professor at Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania, stated that “With all the things that happen to human beings and influence them between adolescence and the ninth decade of life, it’s remarkable that the influence of childhood on late-life marriage can still be seen,”

Waldinger and Schulz evaluated data gathered from 81 men who took part in a 78-year study of adult growth.

All of the men accomplished usual interviews and questionnaires all through the course of the research study.

The researchers discovered that takes part that had a fostering family environment early in life were much probable to have safe attachments to their romantic partners late in life.

Waldinger further stated that these findings of the study put to prior research illustrating that the value of people’s early home environments can have “far-reaching effects on wellbeing, life achievement, and relationship functioning throughout the lifespan,”


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