Published On: Thu, Oct 15th, 2015

Emerging stars


Crystal Ballroom at Marriott was vibrating with rhythmic melodies on the start of Saturday. The orchestra transformed its pitch by every two minutes and a new voice took centre stage. The melody was so good that the crowd was lost in the beast and disregards that the songs were not sung by proficient but the children and youngsters.

obhrty sitary

Obhartay Sitaray was organized by The Citizens Foundation (TCF) and attended by approximately five hundred audiences. The completion was organized six months ago and it was the final day of announcement of awards. Five hundred and fifty students took part from over 120 school campuses in Karachi.  TCF is a non-profit institution working for education in Pakistan; it was a fundraising occasion for the less-privileged students registered in TCF schools and also a venture to encourage young budding talent towards music.

Parents were there to encourage their children and the competitors were making efforts to win the title of Winning Voice.  Classical songs were also sung and the winner who triumph two awards ‘Best Team’ and ‘Winning Voice’ awards was Sajar Nafees thirteen years old from the Hampton School  sung the song ‘Akelay na jana’ by Mala Begum.  She described that her mother selected the song for her how she worked hard to win this award. How she prevented her throat from ailment. She evaded all drinks, oily food and cold water a month before the competition.

The runner-up Winning Voice Award was won by adorable adolescent star Asher Wajahat from the film of Karachi se Lahore. The twelve years old cordial sang ‘Tere bin dil na lagay’. He was much excited because his father and Ustaad told his to dance while singing and linger close to mice without straggling and trailing the rhythm.  The young talent elaborate that the stiffest element was to impede consumption of cold drinks; I used to have honey water for my voice.”

Anas khan was also successful in achieving the wining title and he was recognized for his incomparable voice. He said that he wants to serve in the army one day but his enthusiasm for singing is never going to impede.

Nilofer Saeed, Supporters of The Citizens Foundation (STCF) Chairperson and Director said that music was not salutation by our culture but the students are much accommodating. Ateeb Riaz, co-founder and director of TCF considered that the music phenomenon is shifting by the transitory of time and public no more suppose that music is solely ‘dhol dabba’

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