Published On: Fri, Apr 1st, 2016

Emotional problems in adolescence can lead to future joblessness

Feeling sad

Feeling sad

At this modern age when technology is growing and we are getting more benefits and advantages by saving our time, we are on much risk for emotional problems and elevating frustration levels. A research study has found that suffering from emotional problems in adolescence is a main hazard factor for future joblessness irrespective of socio-economic background.

The research discovered obvious proof that upset adolescents, who inclined to experience nervous or depressed instead of tranquil or contented, consequently experienced elevated levels of joblessness in the beginning of adulthood. The results illustrated that adolescents who were extremely upset from 16 to 20 age were 32 percent much probable to be unemployed and 26 percent much probable to be unemployed or out of the workforce in the beginning of adulthood.

Mark Egan, who is the lead researcher of the study from University of Stirling in Britain, stated that “The findings provide strong evidence that distressed adolescents are vulnerable to unemployment and suggest that this vulnerability increased during the recent difficult economic period following the Great Recession,”

The research study was cited in the journal Social Science & Medicine and analyzed the employment patterns of above 7,000 Americans, who were born in the period 1980-1984, above a 12-year phase.

The results shared that the unpleasant impact of psychological suffering on job visions developed in the years subsequent the 2007-2009 Great Recession where the people with a past of suffering experienced a distinct increase in joblessness. The drifts organized even when contrasting anxious to non-distressed siblings, signifying that emotional issues carry a serious penalty even amid brothers and sisters from the similar background.

Economic advantages could be achieved by dealing mental health problems in early life and the researchers named for investment in this area. Egan further added that “Investing in childhood and adolescent mental health services could have economic benefits including reducing population-level unemployment,”

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