Published On: Tue, Dec 1st, 2015

Envy is a key motivator behind facebook posts



Media is a contemporary need and demand. People pass their good time by using social media and sharing their pictures and updates about their daily routines. Facebook is one of the most using media. What impels you to keep posting regarding your ‘good times’ on Facebook? Envy is the main motivator which compels you to post and it also play a part in reducing your mental well-being, revealed by a new research.

“Creating a vicious cycle of jealousy and self-importance, Facebook leads users to feel their lives are unfulfilling by comparison, and hence they react by creating posts that portray their best selves,” stated by University of British Columbia Lead Researcher Professor Izak Benbasat.

The users and members of social media have for all the time been connected to hopelessness, apprehension and self-important behaviors, but what are the causes behind it yet have not been well elucidated. “We discovered envy to be the absent link,” Benbasat told. In the views of the researcher, pass through images are a most important supplier to Facebook envy, compelling friends to post their most perfect pictures. He tells the idealistic representation of life is not provoked by the wish to make others jealous, but rather a want to compete and keep up appearances.

The researcher, Benbasat, and the co-authors surveyed 1,193 Facebook users at a German university for the study published in the journal Information Systems Research.

They further said that “Sharing photos and stories regarding the spotlight of your life, that’s so much of what Facebook is for, so you can’t take that away”.

The researcher Benbasat told that the functionality of social networks persuades envy stirring up behavior, and that’s not likely to alter.

“According to me it’s significant for people to identify what impact it can have on their well-being,” he advised.


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