Published On: Tue, Oct 27th, 2015

EU promised to install 100,000 place for immigrants through the Balkan

EU promised to install 100,000 place for immigrants through the Balkan

EU promised to install 100,000 places for immigrants through the Balkan

Brussels: The European Union on Monday announced to set up 100,000 places  in different reception centers for immigrants coming in Europe through the Balkans, in order to resolve growing disorder on its eastern border.


The president of European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker made this announcement after holding an emergency talks with heads 10 EU leaders, together with  German Chancellor Angela Merkel and leaders of non-EU states Albania, Serbia, and Macedonia.


It is viewed in the new Balkans immigration plan that managing migration flows is the only way to restore order on the eastern frontier and to slow down the uncontrolled irregular flow of immigrants.


Recent 2015’s  immigration flow in Europe from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan is becoming very severe  and recorded the worst after World War Second, More than 670,000 have reached on European Soil as people are left to fend  for themselves, gathering on the beaches and sleeping in fields. Previously, almost 3000 people have died attempting the dangerous Mediterranean sea crossing and, with winter fast impending, the fear is that more could face the same upshot on the land route through the Balkans. And the disorder may further increase if Bulgaria and Romania closed their border.


In order to implement Balkans plan, reception places installed  by the European Commission The to be provided with the help of the United Nations’ refugee agency, the UNHCR, will provide immediate  help by providing shelter and speed up registration of migrants, Juncker said.


According to plan, some 50,000 places will be installed across Balkans countries importantly, Macedonia and Serbia, while the other half will be located in Greece. Out of them, 30000 will make available this year and another 20000 will be adjusted among local families or rental houses,  subsidized by UNHCR.


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