Published On: Thu, Jun 25th, 2015

Even if you can’t recognize yourself, Facebook will


Facebook is used to connect to your friends and family and it does a great job at it. We all know that people use Facebook to ‘creep up’ on other people and see every little detail they are doing on their profiles, but what happens when Facebook does the ‘creeping?’

Facebook’s artificial intelligence team is working on a new method combined with facial and whole body recognition to find unclear photos of you on your profile or your friends/family’s profile. Facebook already does automatic suggestions for ‘tagging’ you in a photo, but that’s for if you are visibly and clearly shown in the photo, not unclear ones.  It does this with an algorithm of over 100 different body parts.

The technology and algorithm does this by looking at your photos and the different poses you are in each one… pretty creepy, huh?



According to NewsBeat, it turns out that this is just research for now and that Facebook doesn’t have any clear time when they will put this feature onto the website.

I would say that’s a smart idea considering Facebook has always had problems in the past with knowing too much of its users and invading privacy laws. Facebook has gone to great lengths for the past years with continuously changing their privacy laws. And with this new technology enabling them to recognize users even if they are maybe blurred or ‘unclear’ in photos would not go well in the general public, I can assume.


Source: BBC News/NewsBeat

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