Published On: Mon, Oct 10th, 2016

Excessive water intake may cause fatal water intoxication

Close-up of a young woman drinking water

Close-up of a young woman drinking water

A new research study has claimed that drinking a lot of water can be a reason for potentially fatal water intoxication, which has for the initial time recognized the mechanism that controls fluid intake in the human body and halts us from over-drinking. The research study, conducted by researchers from Monash University in Australia, defies the well-liked idea that we must drink eight glasses of water a day for good health.

It illustrated that a ‘swallowing inhibition’ is triggered by the brain following overload liquid is intake; assist in keeping tightly calibrated volumes of water in the body.

Michael Farrell, who is the associate professor at Monash, stated that “If we just do what our body demands us to we will probably get it right – just drink according to thirst rather than an elaborate schedule,”

The researchers inquired members to rate the sum of endeavor needed to swallow water under two states; pursuing exercise when they were thirsty and after they were influenced to drink a surplus quantity of water.

The findings illustrated a three-fold boost in attempt later than over-drinking.

Farrell continued that “Here for the first time we found effort-full swallowing after drinking excess water which meant they had to overcome some sort of resistance. This was compatible with our notion that the swallowing reflex becomes inhibited once enough water has been drunk,”

Researchers employed functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to evaluate activity in a variety of parts of the brain, concentrating on the short period only prior to swallowing.

The fMRI illustrated the right prefrontal parts of the brain were very vigorous when members were attempting to swallow with much effort, recommending the frontal cortex steps in to supersede the consuming inhibition thus drinking could happen, the researcher has stated.

He further added “There have been cases when athletes in marathons were told to load up with water and died, in certain circumstances, because they slavishly followed these recommendations and drank far in excess of need,”

In taking a lot of water in the body sets it in hazard of water intoxication or hyponatremia, when imperative levels of sodium in the blood turn strangely low potentially causing signs ranging from exhaustion and nausea to convulsions and coma.

Farrell further stated that old people, though, over and over again did not drink sufficient and must watch their intake of fluids.

The research study was presented in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.


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