Published On: Fri, Apr 1st, 2016

Exercise regularly to stay strong at old age

Senior woman with people exercising in fitness studio

Senior woman with people exercising in fitness studio

A new research study has revealed that if we want to remain fit at the maximum age then the ‘secret’ to achieve is regular exercise. The study discovered that people who were elite athletes in their youth or after in life have more fit muscles at the cellular level evaluated with the people who are non-athletes.

The research study was cited in the Journal of Applied Physiology and evaluated world-class track and field athletes at their 80s with the people who have the same age but they are living autonomously. Geoff Power, one of the researcher and a professor at University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada, stated that “One of the most unique and novel aspects of this study is the exceptional participants,” Power further continued as, “These are individuals in their 80s and 90s who actively compete in world masters track and field championships. We have seven world champions. These individuals are the creme de la creme of ageing,”

The research study also discovered that athletes’ legs were 25 percent powerful on usual and had approximately 14 percent much overall muscle weight. As well, the athletes had almost one-third much motor units in their leg muscles than non-athletes. Further motor units, which are enclosing of nerve and muscle fibres, illustrate much muscle weight and consequently more power.

At the average ageing, the nervous system drops motor neurons, which directs to the failure of motor units, decreased muscle weight, low power, speed and strength. That procedure accelerates to a large extent past age 60. Power further added that “Therefore, identifying opportunities to intervene and delay the loss of motor units in old age is of critical importance,”

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