Published On: Thu, Sep 15th, 2016

Experts suggest taking a break from sex can actually result in increased drive


Experts suggest taking a break from sex can actually result in increased drive

In India people abstain from sex while fasting and also after pregnancy.

A healthy sexual life is associated with more sex and the same is also commonly seen as a key to a better relationship, but what if you were told that taking a break from sex could actually result in great sex?

What might sound like an odd concept, is actually being suggested by therapists as a way to boost the pleasure quotient in your sex life. They say that since boredom, mismatched libidos and infidelity are troubling couples, the practice of sex fasting can help address these issues and improve sex life.

Many have suggested that abstaining from sex after pregnancy and while fasting during festivals in India has scientific reason, since it has been observed that not having sex for a while can bring back the spark that seems to be missing.

Experts say that the difference in timing and rhythm of sexual desire leaves one partner less satisfied and sex fasting can fix this since sex after a prolonged pause can satisfy both, provided that either of the partners doesn’t use alternate means to satisfy their desires.

Several people including celebrities have admitted to abstaining from sex for a specific period of time in order to understand each other better and have steamier sexual activity in their relationship.

Some practitioners of tantric sex also claim that retaining semen for a long time can lead to a better sex drive, more stamina and multiple orgasms.

Courtesy: Deccan Chronicle

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