Published On: Mon, Apr 4th, 2016

Face oils are good for healthier skin



Most of the times you have listen from dermatologists to keep your skin oil free but now some dermatologists are of the view that it is an amazing world with so many ingredients and most of them are therapeutic. Face oil is cure for dry skin and also effective for treating a wide range of skin conditions, right from hyperpigmentation, stretch marks to acne.

What is it
doctors are of the view that face oils are gentle and light preparations that have natural oils such as avocado, argan, olive, sesame etc, like their base along with therapeutic components. Skin specialist, Dr Soma Sarkar, states that they advise argan, almond and olive oils for the face. These oils possess mosituring features and are employed in numerous face products and are good for dry skins. Women who have oily, acne prone skin they can employ tea-tree oil, which shun using on the whole face, use an ear bud to put a drop of tea tree oil on just the place of acne.

Why use face oils
Face oils possess numerous advantages thanks to the diverse components. Here are a few of them.
Stop inflammation
a few oils such as argan oil possesses anti-inflammatory characteristics and stop inflammation happened by other vigorous ingredients. Therefore, they are perfect bases for skin formulations.

Great hydrants
naturally they are lipophilic and they go through the lipid layer of the skin and avoid water or moisture loss. Such as olive oil, coconut oil etc.
Anti-ageing properties
mostly oils are mixed with anti-ageing components such as retinol, glycolic acid and vitamin C and they assist in quicker and deeper diffusion of these molecules into the skin, thus enlarging the anti-ageing advantages. It opposes the irritation as well which is happened by these molecules.

Combats rosacea
specific aroma oils such as orange, tea tree, peppermint etc really assist in lessing acne and rosacea. Though, it should be used after the recommendation of an expert.

Anti mark Rosehip oil is very helpful for spots and marks on skin.

Soothing and calming
they possess the quicker and deeper penetration of the anti inflammatory components of oils, they are comforting and reassuring as well. They shield the skin from free radical and UV harm.

Mood elevators
Rose, lavender, lemon grasses etc are ideal for relaxation.

Stretch marks
The very old cure for stretch spots is to massage olive oil two times a day. While it will not patent the stretch spots, it absolutely assists in lightening them.



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