Published On: Sun, Oct 16th, 2016

Facebook post about men who find breast cancer funny is spot on


She hit out at such men asking them to see women as real human beings with real diseases.

Women across the world are increasingly talking about issues that matter and are starting important debates, as they are celebrated be it in form of sports persons, successful entrepreneurs or as individuals who decide to raise awareness about women’s health.

But even as movies and popular media celebrate women’s empowerment, a section of the society still objectifies their bodies, as any mention of women’s body parts even in relation to serious issues like breast cancer seems funny to some.

Hitting out at such an attitude that plagues discussions about important maters, a Pakistani woman Fama Hasan slammed men who find breast cancer funny, after passing by a group of boys laughing while talking about it.

She mentioned how the insensitivity towards a condition that is agonising for thousands of women in Pakistan alone made her cringe and called on men to see women as real people with real diseases and not simply as sexual objects.

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