Published On: Sat, Nov 14th, 2015

Fashion imitates art


Art and fashion has great similarities. Fashion reproduces art and art reproduce life. Culture fanatics in Lahore will almost immediately see this longstanding saying being transported to fulfillment as Saeed Akhtar, one of Pakistan’s most excellent modern painters, and his pupil, designer Sahar Atif, get ready to adhere fields. Articulating their connection by fashion and art, Sahar displays designs stimulated by the mechanism of Saeed on Saturday, November 14.

In a solemn effort to commemorate Saeed’s birthday, most recent works and inauguration of book, which encompasses the subsequent edition of his monograph, Sahar will exhibit patterns stimulated by his portraits. “He is akin to a father to me and he called to ask if I could add anything to this family celebration,” Sahar expressed at Saeed’s gallery. “Once he asked me to work on it, the actual daring was to carry it the entire down to some clothes,” she stated.


Saeed and Sahar determined, after some observation, it would be excellent to illustrate stimulation from his portraits. Sahar realized that she should not do anything on his paintings as they are marketable and furnish to the customer. “His sketchbook, on the other side, holds unrefined stories up till now unspoken. For me, his sketchbook was similar to a totem of love and I think myself accountable to interpret his works to my medium,” she illustrated. Having been a pupil of Saeed’s, Sahar revealed his works are separated into sections: sections of pencil drawing, then beautiful lady, then horses and then it arrives to his much up to date works.

Appropriately label ‘The Signature’, the compilation characteristics shirt outfits, long outfits, off-shoulder tops and ball skirts by Saeed’s signatures. Of the pattern procedure, Sahar revealed, “When he provided his portraits and signatures to me, the initial thing I endeavor to do was move it on diverse mediums together with organza.” Sahar added that Saeed kept his feedback to the art facet of the designs. “He would give statement on the section and hues but the little it arrived regarding the piece of clothing, he wouldn’t say,” she told.

Saeed further told how he greets Sahar’s skills in her area, stating, “I can’t lead her. She has her own medium and acquainted with how to do improve on that.” But it couldn’t have perhaps been simple to channelize the works of an artist of this height into her own medium. “Creating gorgeous fabrics has turn into second nature to me but making something that doesn’t infringe any other person’s work is hard. This is one of the difficult things I’ve had to do,” confessed Sahar.

The fashion trendsetter didn’t desire to make patterns that were too shrill and would get far from Saeed’s art. “I can’t be the main person [in this procedure], which is why I decided not to have models running across in the designs as that would be too disturbing,” she shared. The four patterns she’s put to display will be showcased on mannequins on every floor of the corridor and merely Vaneeza Ahmed, who Sahar describes her ponder, will be witnessed sporting them.

Saeed’s corridor characterizes more than 50 paintings, providing a sight into Saeed’s all-time work. He revealed his sections have stirred public in the history, for example when learners from the Pakistan Institute of Fashion Design constructed his works. “This isn’t the initial time I’ve stimulated art. Gaze at my 2009 displays. Many designers were stimulated by that. The tung pajama got admired later on that and so did huge jewelry.”

Although this compilation is a marketable undertaking or a creative appearance gets vague. Of his most recent work, Saeed states, “Painting is an invariable procedure. If a performer sings one song, it can listen eternally but for a painter, it has to be rediscovered every time.” He further stated, “By every painting I make, I observe something absent and expect to discover that in my subsequent, and so the exploration goes on.”

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