Published On: Fri, Jun 19th, 2015

Fasting banned in China’s Muslim Dominant Region


XINJIANG: The ruling party of China has banned fasting in mainly Muslim dominant region of Xinjiang where govt officials, teachers and students has been barred from exercising this religious practice during the holy month of Ramadan.

According to the details, the Communist Party now governing China is actually atheist and they also issued notification that restaurants will remain open during Ramadan and no relaxation in work hours has been given to the muslims.

According to the details, for many past years these Muslim Uighur of Xinjiang has not been allowed to practice their religious ritual and the authorities has been facing criticism from the rights group for not giving them religious freedom.

The situation have also caused ethnic tensions in the region because Chinese official give a viewpoint that the country fear terrorism, and religious extremism is the cause of this growing grave situation.


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