Published On: Fri, Jun 10th, 2016

Fasting in countries where sun never sets


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Ramazan is the month of fasting in which Muslims fast from dawn to dusk but how do people fast in countries where the sun never, or hardly, sets?

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Muslims who live in the Arctic Circle they practice a few of the much challenging states in Ramazan because they can practice 24 hours of sunlight. Countries such as Finland, Sweden, and Lapland practice bit or no twilight all through the summer months.

A family who lives in northern Finland reveals their practice of fasting where the sun just sets for 55 minutes.

Mohammad said talking to the reporter “Fasting starts at 1:35 in the early morning and will end at 12:48 in the evening. So [fasting] will be 23 hours, 5 minutes. My friends, family and relatives who live in Bangladesh, they can’t believe we could do Ramazan or fast for more than 20 hours,”

He further added by saying that “So when they heard from us we do Ramazan here for 23 hours or 22 and a half hours, they just say ‘that’s unbelievable, how could you manage this.’ But somehow [thank God] we manage it, and we’re doing very well,”

Though, he revealed that a few Muslims in neighboring countries in the Arctic Circle have discovered further ways to observe a fast all through Ramazan. He shared that “Some other Muslims who live in Lapland, most of them follow the Middle East timetable, as they follow the nearest Islamic country, Turkey.”

The times and dates of Ramazan and fasting every year in pertaining to the Western calendar as they are determined by the lunar cycle.

The timing of fasting is dependent on where on the globe you live. People residing in France are observing fasting this year for 18.50 hours, nearly pursuing the UK with 17.5 hours and Canada with 17.

Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh are experiencing approximately for 15 long hours of fasting.


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