Published On: Wed, Oct 5th, 2016

‘Fat’abulous in nano seconds


While the graft technique is widely popular across the globe, it is interesting to note the surge in its demand.

While the graft technique is widely popular across the globe, it is interesting to note the surge in its demand.

Touted as a break-through in the arena of surgical treatments; nano fat transfer or fat grafting has been performed across the globe over the recent times. While the results have been subjective, it is indeed safe to say that nano fat techniques are gaining popularity in the city by the hordes — all thanks to the painless and fuss free attributes associated with the technique.

With the advent of nano grafting, like everything else, the fat-particles have been micro sized so that the formulation is smoother and contours better. The graft is more refined. Micro droplets of fat are placed in the deep skin and fat compartments to rejuvenate the skin, and fill dips and crevices.  Thin cannulas are used so the downtime, unlike before, is practically non-existent. Basically put, fat is taken from one part of the body and then placed in another part as a fat graft — to replace any volume loss like hollowing and to restore shape and contour body parts like face, breast and buttocks due to factors like aging.

The procedure for nano fat technique is very similar to a filler procedure. But, instead of hyaluronic acid, fat is used.

With this method, the results are smoother, downtime is lesser and is more natural. The downtime can be up to a week. The results begin to show within the first two to four weeks. Hence, the procedure is  largely preferred by young adults and working professionals, who can’t afford to take a long break post a surgical treatment. A session approximately costs up to Rs 50,000.

One of the biggest pluses of having fat instead of just a filler is that the fat cells are rich in stem cells, so when this graft is injected along with filling, the skin also gets rejuvenated and repaired due to the stem cells. The results last longer, up to 24 to 36 months. The skin also looks significantly smoother, plumper and healthier. The technique works well on all skin types, including hyper sensitive skin. That, however, doesn’t mean you can skip a prior consultation with a dermatologist before signing up for the treatment. In addition to the procedure predominantly being done for a better silhouette, the  nano graft treatment also helps you sort common skin problems like wrinkles around eyes, around the mouth and aids in skin rejuvenation in general. This is more suitable for skin that is wrinkled, sensitive and thin or for anyone who wants a healthy makeover!

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