Published On: Fri, Sep 23rd, 2016

Fault in their stars: Heartbreaking story of a terminally ill couple dying days apart


Fault in their stars Heartbreaking story of a terminally ill couple dying days apart

Katie died five days after Dalton lost his life to cystic fibrosis.

Living and dying together is a promise that couples on screen have been making since decades to make audiences cry, but even as tales of couples taking their lives together or dying of the pain of separation, rarely are such love stories seen in real life.

One such story that talks about a rare romantic tale in times when people struggle to take time out for relationships and dating apps have made hook ups the norm. It’s about 26-year-old Katie Prager and her husband Dalton Prager.

The terminally ill couple were suffering from cystic fibrosis, died around the same time, as Katie died five days after Dalton bid adieu to the world. But till that point Katie only wanted to see her husband one last time, since they were forced to stay in separate states with their families caring for them.

Katie was not allowed to meet Dalton in person in their last days since doctors feared he may pass something infectious. Her mother wrote on Facebook that “I know Dalton was waiting with open arms” for Katie.

Dalton too tried hard to meet Katie before his death, but health complications left him unable to travel. Both of them had undergone lung transplants which had failed. In a final post Katie talked about emotions and tough decisions in the days following Dalton’s demise.

The lesser known story restores faith in love at a time people are sulking over the divorce of a celebrity couple.

Courtesy: Deccan Chronicle

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