Published On: Thu, Oct 22nd, 2015

Fears For Turkey Ballot As Kurdish Conflict Deepens


CIZRE, Turkey: Curfews, street barricades and armed police everywhere: the unrest in Turkey’s mainly-Kurdish southeast is likely to have an impact on the upcoming election but it also risks spelling a defeat for democracy.


- Fears for Turkey ballot as Kurdish conf_

– Scare tactics –

Locals in Cizre speak of the panic and suffering of ordinary residents living behind sand bag barriers, with a lack of food and water, problems getting medical care and intermittent power cuts.

“Of course, no state can accept entire neighbourhoods in several cities being beyond its authority,” said Vahap Coskun, rights professor at Dicle University.

“But the measures taken in reaction to protests and PKK provocations are largely against human rights,” he said.

The HDP has accused the government of sabotage after the town’s popular pro-Kurd mayor was suspended in September for spreading alleged “terrorist propaganda”.

Nusirevan Elci, head of the bar, said the government had learned from its electoral defeat in June and that its strategy was clear.

“The authorities are trying to scare people so they won’t vote. They could even cancel the ballot here under false security pretences,” he said.

“It’s easy to kill, it’s much harder to make peace”. – AFP

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