Published On: Sat, Nov 28th, 2015

Fictional character Jon Snow is alive



There was a great mystery that is Jon Snow, which is a fictional character from Game of Thrones is alive or dead which was showed in the recently released posters. The cheer up fans because Jon Snow is not dead. No, seriously!

In what can just be expressed as an unforeseen twist of actions, Jon Snow angrily got to Twitter and affirmed that “winter is NOT coming” and that he was never dead!

All right, so may not be the menacing illusory character from the well-liked sequence, but do not contract into mechanics.

He pictured at one Twitterati who said him the “bastard son of Ned Stark”:

Only some days before, HBO network uncovered a puzzle picture of the imminent spell of GoT and fans were delighted to watch Jon Snow characterized on it. They got to the Twitter to articulate their enthusiasm, eager to watch him breathing in Season 6 later than the earlier season finished on a cliffhanger. Regrettably, this poor guy who reveals the similar name as the GoT feature had to contract by the force of it.

The ‘real’ Jon Snow occurs to be a press officer and amid his critical stories are the existing states of dealings in Bangladesh…

Jon Snow tweeted as:

“Winter is NOT coming: I have NEVER been dead: I am a JOURNALIST: I am alarmed that my namesake has me trending”

He further tweeted as:

“Indeed I am NOT a bastard! nor one that is the son of the King”

“Displaced by climate change: the crisis facing BANGLADESH ahead of UN Climate Summit in Paris: My report from Dhaka”

“BANGLADESH: This green and disappearing land: Tom Clarke’s fabulous report on climate change”

Game of thrones is the representation of two influential families — kings and queens, knights and renegades, liars and honest men — playing a deadly game for the power of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, and to sit atop the Iron Throne.

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