Published On: Tue, Dec 15th, 2015

Finally !! Sooraj Pancholi is Innocent In Jiah Khan’s Suicide Case.


Sooraj Pancholi , who is the son of Great Actor ‘Aditya Pancholi’ and Sooraj was been suspected for the suicide case of Actress Jiah Khan.

The Actress who Committed suicide on 3rd of June 2013 was born on 1988 and was Actually British American Actress and model and Singer As well and She Was appeared in the Most Famous And Successful movie ‘Ghajini’ and Also The Part of Another Famous Movie Houseful.

When She Killed Herself , Actually in Those Days She Was with in Relationship with ‘Sooraj Pancholi’ and their Relationship were very Strong And Even They Was Expecting a baby but Just for the Sake of His Career ‘Sooraj’ Forced ‘Jiah’ To Abort The Baby And She Was Having Acute Depression Just Because Of This Issue and just a Couple of hours before Her Death She Quarreled with Her Boyfriend ‘Sooraj’ And He Sent Her Some Abusive Texts.

Just On The Basis Of Those Texts And also The issue of Their Baby Abortion , The Mother Of ‘Jiah khan’ Had Filed A Case Against ‘Sooraj’ That He Killed Her Daughter And just Because Of This allegation , The ‘Pancholi’ Boy Had To Face Two Days Of Lock up and His Family Had To Face Many of Problems just Because of His Girlfriend but The ‘Pancholi’ boy And his Family Fight With Her Mother In ‘High Court’ and The Case Was Very Serious Just Because It Was Under The Hands Of “CBI”.

After Getting Release In This Case , The Father Of The ‘Sooraj Pancholi’ who is ‘Aditya Pancholi’ said to the media That the Future of My Son Is more Than Worth of 100 cores.

And The Actual Reason Behind The Abortion of ‘Jiah’ And ‘Sooraj’s Baby Was Just the Future Of The Boy , and He Hush This News From Media And ‘Jiah’ Did not Say Any Word about This issue But The Result Was Depression which She Was Having before Her Death but There was not Any evidence Against ‘Sooraj’ and Finally At the End Of The Case The Court Have Declared That The Girl’s Death Was Due to Hanging and Actually This is The Reality and after Court decision , ‘Sooraj’ and His Family Feeling relaxed and Now Recently ‘Sooraj’ And His Father ‘Aditya’ both of The Father And The Son Gave A Brand New Flick with the name of “HERO” which was The Production Of ‘Salman Khan’ and The Interesting thing About This Movie is , The Heroine Of This Movie Is Also An Introductory Actress and The Daughter of The Great Actor ‘Sunil Shetty’ and She Has A Very Pretty Name ‘Athiya Shetty’.

And The Rumors About This Movie was like , Its A Great Movie And Also Give Business to Bollywood.

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