Published On: Sun, Aug 9th, 2015

Finsbury Park Mosque welcomes in the homeless and provides hot meals


Mosques have and always been in history a place of worship for Muslims, but also a place for the community to come in and welcome themselves. Unfortunately there has been a stigma attached to mosques in present times as being a place for Muslims only and to only restricted to them for their community only. This is not the truth, back in the Prophet Muhammad’s(Peace Be Upon Him) time he would occasionally have Non-Muslims be in the mosque to shelter them and provide whatever their needs be.

This is the exact case for a London Mosque, as Finsbury Park Mosque has welcomed its door to the homeless and provide them hot meals and whatever they needed, also psychological support- all done once a week.

Mohammad Ali, the deputy director of the mosque had this to say about the project that it;

“is part of several inter-religious initiatives that aim to serve the communities around”.
also saying that, “Muslims should have a role in social integration”.  


This is truly a touching story as every Mosque around the world should behave in this manner as this one is. Having said that, I would want to mention that this mosque has been in some controsvery as the infamous “shoe bomber”,
Richard Reid and 7/7 bomber Germaine Lindsay use to attend sermons at this mosque. Also this mosque is linked to the imam Abu Hamza al-Masri, who was sentenced by a New York Court this year of being guilty of terrorism charges.

Back in 2005 this mosque went through a management change to rebuild the community for the better and providing regular inter-faith programs and educating the community with a wide arrange of issues.

The mosque now has a regular attendance of 2,000 for their weekly Jummah(Friday) prayers.



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